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Automation=Accuracy & Speed

Diagnostics, worldwide, are seeing a trend.  Since diagnostics are often a matter of life and death, improving accuracy and speed is of highest importance and therefore, there is a trend towards adoption of automation.  Increased automation implies less manual intervention, speed, and increased consistency - both help improve accuracy significantly. At VetSERV, we have adopted automation right from our inception, bringing more accuracy, speed - and thus credibility to our results.

BAR CODES solve the problem of accurately relating patient data with the physical sample in most advanced labs .  At VetSERV, pre-generated barcodes are tagged with the sample containers right at the time of collection of the samples.  This precludes the possibility of any error creeping in at any subsequent stage.  It is a simple but powerful way or reducing chances of errors.  We adopted it because of our commitment to providing the best of diagnostic support for pet care.

RESULTS THROURGH SMS: Often physical copies take time to reach and we believe that the treatment decisions need not be delayed because of the same.  Therefore, our systems and process send the results through SMS as soon as the lab completes the range of tests required.  The SMS based results precede the printed reports by at least a few hours and allow for the right treatment decisions even earlier.

LABORATORY INFORMATION SYSTEM: Our processes and equipments are tied together through an industry standard LAB INFORMATION SYSTEM (LIS).  The LIS is the backbone for all automation as well as transmission of SMS results.  This IT backbone of our operations also allows for scale and speed without compromising on reliability or costs. The LIS also allows for effective audit trails and quality control - which in the long run determine the reliability of the lab's results.  

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