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Smart Diagnostics=Credible Results

At VetSERV, we are very conscious and sensitive to the fact that a life hangs in balance at the other end of our report.  Everything about us - from equipment, to practices, to people - our lab places the highest priority on ensuring that our reports inspire confidence. Smart Diagnostics=Credible Results

Smart Reporting


VetSERV is at the fore-front of transforming diagnostics results and reports.   Veterinarians, who treat pets, are routinely suspicious of the numbers and words they see on the report.  So VetSERV is adding pictures and information to the report, which allow the clinician to see what our lab experts saw - leaving little room for doubt and enhancing credibility. See how. . .                        Read More

TESTs that work


In pets, significant amount of illness is due to tick borne diseases - and a range of conditions are grouped under the term - many pet owners are familiar with - "tick fever".  However, mostly what the symptoms tell, requires confirmation from the lab.  VetSERV is the only lab that offers tests based on advanced practices that increase the probability of finding the confirmatory cause of tick fever by over 5 times as compared to routine methods  . . .                                                 Read More



Diagnostics, worldwide, are seeing a trend.  Since diagnostics are often a matter of life and death, improving accuracy is of highest importance and therefore, there is trend towards adoption of automation.  Increased automation implies less manual intervention and increased consistency - both help improve accuracy significantly. At VetSERV, we have adopted automation right from our inception, bringing more accuracy, and thus credibility to our results. . .           Read More

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