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Because pets cannot describe their pain. There is only one scientific way for your veterinary clinician to understand and confirm what underlies the distress of your precious one - good diagnostic testing.  VetSERV's diagnostic tests results allow for more accurate and better appreciation of the pet's malady - resulting in precise treatment and desirable health outcomes.

Our Commitment


To enable faster, more accurate and more informed health interventions for your pet’s health guided by credible diagnostics from VetSERV Lab.  We make this happen through pursuit of best of diagnostic practices, practitioners, and equipments -with focus on continuous evolution and learning. 

Credible Results


Typically diagnostic results for veterinary purposes in India, are a BIG black-box for veterinarians.  Typically, there is nothing to back the printed results from routine labs.  Also, samples getting switched or errors creeping in during manual entry of results are legitimate fears.  VetSERV has invested in systems to address these concerns -

  • Only veterinary lab with automation and Lab Information System (LIS) 

  • All the samples bar-coded right at the time of sample collection

  • Automation for direct transfer of results to the Lab Information System  

  • Minimised manual intervention during testing and reporting

  • Electronic transmission of results through SMS/email


These measures drastically reduce the probability of misidentification of samples and incorrect reporting. 

We understand Veterinary Context


VetSERV is a specialist veterinary diagnostic lab in India - our results will reflect the same.  Unlike results from a human lab, our veterinary specific equipment will factor different platelet size of animal blood, differences in neutrophils and lymphocytes, and many other aspects.  Similarly, our reference ranges will reflect the limits applicable to animal species.  Our lab experts are trained in veterinary medicine and thus the practices conform to veterinary standards.  


Our veterinary professionals actively collaborate with veterinary clinicians through regular feedback and proactive communication.  We boost their confidence by taking 100% of their feedback into account to improve service levels. Their suggestions are always leading us to continuously evolve.  Practices including use of veterinary refractometer, buffy coat smear, selection of veterinary antibiotics for sensitivity testing etc. make us the lab of choice for those who care a lot about animal friends.                                           

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